The Fault in Our Stars


March 30, 2020 By 3

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Book written by Novel John Green. The main hero of this novel is Hazel Grace Lancaster, which is 16 years old. Hazel has thyroid cancer which is slowly growing in her lungs.  Hazel is lying on the grass one day and thinks all the people are confident in telling their sad stories while we can all tell those stories by shortening them and with a good memory.

Hazel’s family includes her mother, Papa, and her doctor, Mariah. Her doctor is always with her as her lung cancer is slowly increasing. Therefore, he always has to keep the oxygen tank with him and a pipe goes from his nose due to which he can breath.



Some days, Hazel’s mother feels that in this way she will be a victim of depression. Her mother begins to worry, due to which she joins the Cancer Support Group. Hazel goes away to force her mother but she does not like anything of it.

Hazel learns that she owns the cancer support group, who also has cancer, which her wife gave her.He is very happy and always motivate in his life.  But Hazel hates her because she thinks she is positive for her life because she is still alive.

On happy days, Hazel has made a friend, whose name is Jake, who has eye cancer. Due to cancer, one eye has already gone. Hazel just loves being with the same friend. But on the other hand his mother wants him to make many friends and talk to them so that his depression of death can be reduced.



One day Hazel is going and collides with a boy named Augustus. The boy watches him while he is sitting for a little while. So Hazel also starts staring at him, due to which that boy removes his eyes. After some time, it is revealed that Augustus is izeek’s friend and now Hazel also becomes his friend. For a while the three sit together, only when izeek’s girlfriend calls him, then he is gone, now both of them spend their time alone.

Now in talk, Augustus tells him that he also has cancer, due to which one of his legs has ended, and he walks off the road and his cancer has also stopped. Now Hazel asks Augustus what you like so he says that I am very much afraid of anonymity, he does not want him to live a life of anonymity.


Hazel speaks it’s not a big deal. Now, August, he takes out a cigarette and snaps it between his teeth. Now Hazel feels so bad seeing all this. She speaks to him she should not smoke. Augustus then says that he does not smoke. He simply imagines cigarettes in the teeth that he can fight his cancer. Now after some time it is time for him to leave, he offers Hazel to watch the movie. And Hazel accepts him.

Now Hazel goes to see her house movie with Augustus. When Augustus is driving, Hazel tells him why you are driving so badly, then he tells him that he does not drive right. Driving license has been obtained due to its merger. For a while Augustus asks Hazel how did you know about your cancer. So she tells that her first diagnosis was when she was 13 years old. And all his recommended treatments were given. None of the things worked.



Both of them reach home and get Augustus Hazel to introduce from their family. Now both of them go to the basement to watch the movie. Now Augustus asks him to tell me his real story, I want to know him. So now Hazel gives him a book called An Impartial Affection. The story is based on a girl who has leukemia. Both spend their days quite well. Hazel goes to her house. And Augustus tells him that he will call him when he completes this book.

A few days later Augustus completes that book. And calls him Now at the same time Hazel also learns that the breakup of the prison has taken place. So Augustus speaks to him and we met him once again in the church. He is getting all his anger out on Basketball. Between this, Augustus tells Hazel that the ending of this book is very surprising type, which does not have end. Hazel then speaks that the author of this story was herself who died before the story was completed.


Now both of them want to know the end of the story. So Augustus tries to meet the writer and finally convinces him to join, then he tells all these things to Augustus Hazel. So now Hazel also mails him and asks if he will tell her the story she wants to know. That writer says that he cannot tell on the email that it may be leaked. The writer calls him to meet. And says that he will tell him the end of this story from the front.Hazel has no where abouts of happiness on that day. And after several days, Hazel becomes very happy seeing her so happy.


Now Augustus and Hazel go up to 11 in the night and think about what to do in the morning. So Hazel tells her mother she has to go to meet the writer tomorrow. But his mother refuses to let him go. Because it will cost a lot to go, because he is already spending the treatment of hazel. So now she gets sad

So now Augustus says that we have a way that we can go. He says that both of them are living in the trust in which they fulfill a particular wish no matter how much they spend. So Hazel says she has already completed that wish by going to Disney World. So now Augustus gets very angry. But he wants his wish that he wants to go with Hazel to meet the writer who is accepted. We go to Hazel’s dignose Fluid is released from her lungs and Hazel is ready to go once again.


Now both of them reach to meet that writer, he arranges dinner for both of them. But later he learns that he plans to be on behalf of the church and Hazel starts asking him questions. So that writer treats them very badly. After a while, he leaves and his secretary comes there and apologizes to the writer. And speaks to them that both of you can go to see Anne Frank’s house. Many people go to see that house.

Now Augustus tells Hazel that he loves her. But Hazel tells him that she has cancer, she will die in a few days. Now both of them come back to their house. A few days later Augustus is again taken to the hospital. Now Hazel finds out that she has cancer back and has spread too much. Due to which he dies. Hazel gets very sad about this.



Now Hazel goes to her funeral and she sees all the people. She would also see the author with whom she had gone to meet. Now Hazel feels she should go home. So she leaves. So that writer follows him. And gives him the letter. Which Hazel throws up. Now that writer tells him that Augustus wanted him to write a letter for you. Because he didn’t have the words to say it.

The author also tells her that the book belonged to her girl, who had died due to leukemia. Now Hazel gets up that letter and reads it. It has everything written about hazel. And it is also written that he should move forward in his life. And she speaks in the sky looking OK


  • Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
  • The marks humans leave are too often scars.
  • Some people do not understand the promises they are making when they make them.
  • The world is not a wish-granting factory.
  • Maybe okay will be our always.