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THE BOOK THIEF is a historical novel drama written by Markus Zusak. This book has sold more than 16 million. This book’s main protagonist is Liesel. Who is a Jew. THE BOOK THIEF  tells us how many families die due to the blast.

THE BOOK THIEF started during World War II. When Liesel and his family are traveling from Germany to Munich during the World War. And in the train, his brother is killed. When his brother is being cremated. Liesel then gets a book which she starts reading. And only after his reading, he becomes interested in reading.


Liesel goes to her uncle’s house with her family named Mr. Hans. Liesel’s mother starts a laundry by moving to a new city and gives her work to deliver clothes to everyone’s home. One day Liesel goes to give clothes, she finds a lot of books in Mazor’s house.

So she becomes very happy to see all those books. And the mayor’s wife tells her that she can read those books whenever she wants. Which she is very happy to hear.

But within a few days word war starts, due to which his mother’s work stops. Now she gets nervous about how she will get booked because she stops going out. So now she starts stealing the book from Major’s house.




A few days later all the Jews are captured. A group of prisoners are driven through the city towards the Dachau concentration camp. Hans gives a piece of bread to a particularly weak man, who attracts other people from the city.

And here, a few days later, Max leaves Huberman’s house soon, fearing that Hans’ act will cause suspicion on Huberman’s house and his activities. Sometime later, Liesal sees Max in a group of prisoners and joins him in the march, a soldier ignores his order, killing him as punishment.


When World War gets bigger, one day Liesel gets the wife of the major. Major’s wife says she knows that she used to steal her book, but she does not punish her for this. She gives him a blank book and says that you write your story in it which has happened to you. Now every day Liesel used to sit in the basement of her house and write stories.

After Hans returns home, a bomb falls on the road to Liesel in Molching, killing his family. At that time Liesel’s life is saved because at that time she is sitting in the basement in the house. Some days a search is on for the survivors and the cleaning workers carry the book of Liesel along with the debris.


After that bomb blast Lizal goes to the mayor’s home and the mayor retains it at her house. In this way, Lizal gets a new family. And she escapes from death. Many years later, “just yesterday”, Liesel dies as an previous girl within the  suburbs of Sydney, with a family and many friends, but has never forgotten Hans, Rosa, Rudy, and her brother. When Death collects her soul, he provides her the manuscript she misplaced within the bombing.

She asks him if he learn it and Death says sure. She asks him if he understood it, however Death is confused and unable to understand to know duality of humanity. Death’s final phrases are for each Liesel and the reader: “I am haunted by humans.”




  • They had been French, they had been Jews, and so they had been you.
  • They fought one other til 1933, after they had been seventeen. Grudging respect turned to real friendship, and the urge to combat left them.
  • There had been stars. They burned my eyes.
  • She did not care concerning the meals. It was the e-book she wished. She wouldn’t tolerate having it given to her by a lonely, pathetic previous girl.
  • Stealing it however appeared a bit of extra acceptable.
  • No, thanks. I have sufficient books at house. Maybe one other time. I am rereading one thing else with my papa. You know, the one I stole from the hearth that night.