THE 4 HOUR WORKWEEK BY Timothy Ferriss

March 21, 2020 By 3

THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK says that you can achieve a lot of money, success and dreams. Only by working 4 hours a week. It may seem a bit strange to hear how this can happen, we can learn from this book. You can learn from this book how to control your life.

AUTHOR- Timothy Ferriss

There are many people in the world who spend a large part of their lives doing a job they do not like. Once you think that whatever life you want to live, if you were living then you would have said today. Whatever your dream, this book will help you get there.

This book tells you that in order to understand any work and situation, you have to go through 4 conditions.


Definition means to understand any work well. Because only after understanding any work, we can walk on the right path. Because there are some thoughts in our mind that prevent us from moving forward. If we find the right way to do it before doing any work, then we can control our bad thoughts.


We always run after money to be happy. But money cannot give us happiness. Many people work hard so that their income increases. But with increasing income, their expenses also start increasing. And those people are not happy even after increasing their income.



We can be happy only when we do what we want to do.

      2. ELIMINATION:-

Elimination is the second big step to do any work and reach your destination. We will remove all the things in it that divert our attention from our dreams.

When we have a lot of work, then we manage our time. We share our work, but we should not do it. We should first do the work that is most important to us.


This step will teach us how to automate our dreams. You will have a base of your dreams on which you can walk and get your dreams.


When you have chosen your dream like running a business, then you have to work for it to learn the smallest things so that you can take it forward.



We do 80% of our daily lives in this way. Which makes no sense. And 20% of the work is done which takes us closer to our dreams. So we have to give 20% of the work by not giving that much time to 80% work.


The author says that if you want to achieve big goals in your life, then you will have to face the difficulties. Face your fear that scares you every day and start a successful life. We feel the greatest fear from those affords that take us closer to our dreams.


If you earn a lot of money by doing 4 to 5 jobs and working 22 days a month. But there is another person who works for a few days of the week and earns a little less money than the previous one. So which man was more successful in your eyes?

Surely the other person became more successful because he is doing more than 20% of his work. And is happier than the former. But the first person is focusing on 80% of his work and even after working so hard, he is not happy.