Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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ROMEO AND JULIET BOOK begins with a place called Verona which is in Italy. In this cities two families is very famous here, first Montague and second is Capulet. Both these families have been carrying on their old enmity.


Romeo:- main hero                                   Juliet:- Romeo’s lover

Montangue:- romeo’s father                    Capulet:- Juliet’s father

Benvolio:- romeo’s cousin                       Tybalt:- Juliet’s cousin

Mercutio:- romeo’s best friend

Friar Laurence:- church’s father


At the beginning of the story, the two fight between the two servants, and Benvolio comes upon him and tries to stop them. At the same time, Taybalt arrives and starts fighting Benvolio. Now slowly the battle escalates and that fight ends when the king comes there. And they are warned and released.

Now they all go to their respective homes. But Montague’s family asks Banvolio when Romeo was told when the fight was taking place. Then he says that Romeo has fallen in love with a girl. He lives in memory of that. He does not focus on any work. When Romeo wanted to forget that girl, Banvolio tells him that he will help him forget that girl.

AUTHOR:- William Shakespeare

When Romeo meets Juliet

On the other side, the Count tells Paris Copulate that he wants to marry his daughter Juliet. So he says that you wait for some time because Juliet is very young. Now he calls her for dinner, but he will introduce you to Juliet, she will also see you and you too.

The Capulet family has a servant who goes to buy goods to eat. And all the stuff is written on a page. But he does not know how to fall. But he finds Benvolio and Romeo in the market, which makes them know that they have a party tonight. And that girl is also going to come there whom Romeo loves.

Now both of them think that they too will go to the dinner party and meet the girl. They both go at night. But Romeo sees Juliet and falls for her. He forgets the first girl.


Tybalt recognizes Romeo’s voice in the party. And he tells the matter to Kapulet. But he says that he does not want to fight right now. And Romeo, on the other hand, held Juliet’s hand in the party and talked to him a lot and tried to kiss him too. Now Juliet also likes Romeo. But both of them had trouble with their family’s mutual enmity but they both did not even care about them.

Now Romeo goes to the friar Lawrence and asks if he can get the two of them married. So Lawrence feels a bit strange to hear this. Because some time ago he was in love with another girl and today he is talking about Juliet. But he agrees to get this married.



Now Romeo’s friends tell him that the Tybalt is calling him to battle. But Romeo does not want to fight it. And Romeo tells Juliette’s nurse to bring Juliette to her place. Now Juliette gets there and freezer Lawrence gets them married.

Now Tybalt on the other hand finds them. But still he did not want to fight Romeo because he was Juliet’s cousin. But Mercutio fights with this only. And Tybalt attacks him with his sword. Now Romeo gets angry due to which he kills Tybalt with the same sword. In the meantime, there comes the king of whom Bernolio tells all the things. Romeo is now banished from Verona.


Juliet gets to know all these things through the nurse. So she tells him that he should go to her and tell her that she wants to meet him. Romeo, on the other hand, is paranoid and tries to kill himself when that nurse arrives there. She tells him Juliet is waiting for him. Now friar Lawrence would say to Romeo that you will find some way out in hurting yourself.

Juliet leaves her home where she learns that she will get married in 3 days. When Juliette opposes this, she starts getting bullied. Now that Juliet had no way, she now goes to the freezer Lawrence. She requests him to get out of this problem.


Now the friar Lawrence gives  Juliet a drug. So that she can live for 2 hours and says that she has to eat it 1 night before marriage. By which all the people of the house will understand that she is dead and will bring her to Lawrence. And then he will take her to Romeo there.

Now Juliet takes that medicine. And his family thinks he is dead. Now in a while, the friar Lawrence comes there and says Juliet will stick wherever it is.
On the other hand, Romeo comes to know that Juliet is dead, so he thinks of killing himself. And he goes to a shop and asks for poison. Because he did not know the truth.

Here, Friar Lawrence speaks to another person to tell Romeo all the things. But he does not go there because he is afraid that if he is there, he too will be expelled from the country.

End of the story

Now Romeo thinks he will see Juliette once and then he will die. Now he arrives at Juliet’s tomb. He sits near her and kisses her. Then the count comes to Paris which attacks him. And Romeo kills him after a brief battle. Now Romeo goes to Juliet and takes the poison.

Shortly thereafter, Juliet senses and finds Romeo dead. Frair Lawrence tells him all the things. All of this makes Juliet very sad and picks up the knife she had and kills herself.