memoirs of geisha


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MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA that Chiyo Sakomoto and has a brother named Sastu. He has only father in his family besides him. Those who sell them due to poverty and lack of money. Chiyo is adopted into a nice house. Chiyo is taken by Kyoko Nita, the mother of a geisha house in Jion, one of Kyoto’s most prominent Geisha districts, while Satsu is sold to a prostitution brothel.

AUTHOR:- Arthur Golden


In okia, Chiyo meets a girl named Pumpkin. Who is known for her beauty. But Chiyo soon realizes that she is an arrogant woman who wants to grab everything.

She also changes the future financial dependence of the mother. A few days later Hatsumomo separates her sister in order to comfort her and asks her to live in a different place.

A few days later Hatsumomo blames Chiyo for making him stay and stay. However, Aunty is aware of this and warns Chiao against trusting and resenting Hatsumomo, who gave her history with an indomitable geisha.


A few days later Hatsumomo finds out having sex with her boyfriend Koichi, which is against the rules of Geisha’s lifestyle. When they are caught, Hatsumo attempts to twist the situation by accusing them of theft.

But Chiyo knew this thing beforehand, so whatever was true, she tells her mother. But his mother does not trust him. And here Hatsumomo gets to know the whole thing, which makes him angry with all the things.

As a punishment for disrespecting Oki, Chiyo says that she will not spend any more money in geisha training for him. She also tells Chiyo that both her parents are dead.


Chiyo on the other hand searches for her brother and he finds her. And she plans to run at night. But when both of them are running away, Chiyo’s foot slips, causing her to fall off her roof and get badly injured.

Some days Chiyo decides to make a geisha and she decides that she too decides to make a president one day. Several years later, Pumpkin has begun his training as a maiko under Hatsumomo’s patronage and Chiyo is jealous because she remains a maid under the mother.

A few days later Chiyo becomes Maiko and she credits it to Sayuri. And within a few days his popularity also increases. Hatsumomo is shocked by his popularity that he tries to ruin Sayuri’s reputation.

Making this prediction, Mameha takes her to a sumo wrestling match, where Sayuri is reunited with the chairman, who seems unaware of Chiyo as well as her previous identity, as well as her business associate Toshikazu Nobu, who gives her Likes.


As per plans, Hatsumo sparks ferocious rumors that Sayuri has already lost her virginity. However, Sayuri has been named the lead dancer for a popular performance, which annoys Hatsumomo as he was expecting Pumpkin to be given the lead name. In the performance, she attracts the attention of several men, including the baron.

When dr. Crab congratulates Sayuri, so she convinces him to secretly voice a different opinion before taking the word of the lying person.

A few days later Sakura calls Sakari to sell her property. Even if the maternal uncle has no mind, he lets Saruyi go. When Baron presents Cyrie a kimono in private at the party, he pushes her against her will to “take a look”, but goes no further.

memoirs of geisha


Sayuri is mizuage is gained with a record-breaking bid of fifteen thousand yen. Mother, seeing Sayuri as a momentary asset, names her as her adopted daughter and heiress to the okiya. This crushes Pumpkin, who hoped that she would get adopted so she might have safety in her outdated age, and the friendship between the girls is shattered.

Hatsumumo is then adviced by Mother that she should hand over her spacious room to Sayuri, which additional outrages Hatsumomo, who tries to remind her of her earlier monetary contribution, but Mother replies that she by no means had a danna and that she acts extra like a prostitute.

Mameha later tells Sayuri that the bid had ended up a contest between Dr. Crab and Baron. Nobu having refused to the bidding as a result of it was in opposition to his ideas.


Mameha let it go to Dr. Crab because of her romantic feelings for the Baron, despite his bid being even higher. When returning home from the mizuage ceremony, Sayuri finds a drunken Hatsumomo in her room. where she has found the Chairman’s handkerchief.

A fight ensues, during which a gas lantern is knocked over and ignites a fire, and the okiya is partially destroyed by the flames. Hatsumomo is then kicked out of the okiya by Mother. her belongings given to Sayuri, and she is banished from Gion with her fate left unknown.


Only a few world wars started, due to which the career warrior was reduced. Because of this, she was separated from her loved ones and friends. As the war ends, Suri rejoins Nobu. who needs his help to impress an American colonel named Derricks who has the power to approve funds for the president’s firm.

Sayuri reunites with Mamera, who now makes the humble rooms for rent. And to survive, she sells her kimonos and geisha jewelry. Although she does not want to go back to the Jisha lifestyle as she comes here with her new twist. She agrees to help impress Derrick because she kept a kimono near her.


A few days later, under the belief of people that geisha are expensive prostitutes, but she does not do it. Nobu witnesses this entire incident and confronts Sayuri. But he finally confesses his feelings, and tells her what he wants to be. Such a bitch catches Sayuri and she wants Nobu to accept her as his friend.

She refuses and begs Nobu to help Pumpkin to capture her to become intimate with the Colonel. However, due to Sayuri’s secret displeasure, Pumpkin is instead brought to the Chairman, having full knowledge of Sayuri’s feelings towards him.


When Sayuri confronts him, Pumpkin tells him coldly that he had vengeance for stealing his chances of being adopted by the mother. She hoped that the chairman seeing her with Derricks, would hate Sayuri’s behavior and evict him.

A few days later, after returning to Gion, Sayuri receives a call to go to the tea house. Sayuri expects to see Nobu, but instead the Chairman comes and finally reveals to her that he has known all along that she was the girl at the riverbank.


He tells her that he had advised Nobu concerning the affair after confronting Pumpkin for her habits, successfully destroying Nobu’s affections for Sayuri and his want to be her danna. He additionally reveals that he was accountable for sending Mameha to in order that she might fulfill her goal of changing into a geisha.


  • We can by no means flee the distress that is inside us.
  • If you retain your future in thought, each second turns into a change for transferring nearer to it.
  • We none of us discover as a lot kindness on this world as we should always.
  • Of course, an indication does not suggest something expect you understand how to interpret it.