I AM MALALA SUMMARY: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education

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I AM MALALA SUMMARY Who told everyone how the young girl who never gave up. Who taught the importance of education and fought for the education of girls. I AM MALALA SUMMARY taught that everyone has the same right to education.

PAGES:- 256

WRITER:- MALALA YUSAFZAI & Patricia MacCormack


Malala’s childhood

Malala’s childhood was spent in the courts of Swat. From the very beginning, Malala was very happy to go to school and study. And his parents never stopped for this. Rather, he supported them in their studies. Malala’s father’s dream was to open a school in which both boys and girls could be taught. And soon his dream came true.

Malala’s father soon opened a school in which everyone used to study at the bottom of the tree and later he also build a school. Which Malala loved very much. She was very smart in studies and always topped. But to always top the class, he had to compete with his friends.


There was always competition between Malala and her friends who would bring more marks. So she worked harder and brought good marks in the exam. But once Malala missed the top. She was very sad that day. When his father came to know about this, he said that

By this you will learn that you can win than you can lose. You must come lose, not always win.

When time slowly started changing

Everything went well for a few years. Malala loved her school and studies. But as Malala grew older, time was also changing. Because the Taliban were now in possession of Pakistan.

When the new radio broadcast started

Now slowly a new radio broadcast began. In the beginning, people thought that it was giving new information to learn. Now its broadcast was becoming famous and people used to sit and listen after finishing their work. In the beginning, everyone liked it and people also followed it. And the number of its listeners was increasing day by day.

Now, except for good things in radio broadcasting, started saying those things which were not right for the people. But still people were following him. Now slowly his talk was increasing, which was not right. So Malala’s father decides that they will find out who is the con who is saying all these things. When he found out, he came to know that he was a radio mullah who wanted to get a grip on the people.

He was broadcasting radio from Taliban. And slowly the Taliban started tightening their gripes. And he had now made his own rules and forced the people. Now everything was changed. Even the Taliban had stopped studying and TV for girls.


When the battles started

Pakistan’s army and Taliban always faced face to face and people used to hear its voice. After some time, Malala’s father thought of speaking against the Taliban because he wanted to tell the outsiders how the situation was there. He spoke to a news reporter who could reach out to him.

Now Malala works every day writing for him but changing her name. This went on for a few days, but the situation did not improve. And Malala finally had to leave the house with her family. And started living here with his relatives After 3 months, he came back to his house. Because now the condition was somewhat normal.

Now the situation was already good. But still they had to follow some rules of Taliban. Malala was still against it. And she always voiced against it. So now she started getting threatened with death and shot her while she was coming back from school.

After incident

Malala was taken to the hospital after being shot. Despite the bullet that hit his mind, he survived. Malala was out of danger but survived her life. But still his condition was not good.

So Malala was taken to Barmigham(ENGLAND) where she was treated properly. And after some time she recovered.


  • Success always.
  • We all believe in hope.
  • Lie has to end and truth has to come.
  • Every action has equal reaction.
  • When a child is a child, it is a child. Even if it is a Prophet.
  • Malala will live like a free bird.
  • School was my world and my world was school.
  • I will protect your freedom.
  • I believe that with every evil there is good, that when a man is bad, God sends a good person to the earth.
  • We should never forget to share what we have.
  • The shadow of a happening event comes first.
  • May your dreams come true.
  • When someone gets caught between the army and terrorists, nothing is good.
  • We are not afraid of anyone and we will continue our education. This is our right.
  • It is our right to go to school.
  • No Pashtun leaves his land at his own will. He either leaves because of poverty or because of love