HAMLET by william shakespeare

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HAMLET book will take you on an exciting journey. Because in this book love, Romance, Revenge will be seen. The main character of this story is Hamlet. Who wants to avenge his father’s death. The main is Claudius. Claudius deceives his father. And sits on his throne. Hamlet hates his mother, because his mother got married by Claudius.


Main character:-
Hamlet – Tragic Hero
Claudius – Uncle
Gertrude – Hamlet’s mother
Ophelia – That Hamlet Loved
Laertus – Ophelia’s brother
Horqtio – Hamlet’s friend



The story begins with the fortification of Denmark. Where the concierge sees the shadow of a ghost on the fort. Because of which he gets scared. And tells all things to the spirits. But he does not trust her. He goes and sees himself. He also sees a ghost on him.

Horqtio goes to Hamlet, And tells him all the things. Now he himself is there. Where he is seen as a ghost. That ghost looks like his father. Now things start between the two.

The ghost tells Hamlet that he is murdered by his uncle. Hamlet does not believe his words and leaves there. He suspects that his uncle’s hand is behind his father’s death. Now he starts searching for evidence.


Hamlet once forgets the point of revenge, And find out if all the ghost’s things are true or not. He pretends to be crazy. Everyone feels strange to see him. Everyone feels how crazy it can be suddenly.

But his drama gradually starts becoming true for everyone. Still a human does not believe him. Which is the Porter of the fort. Some days pass like this and a plan comes to Hamlet’s mind. Hamlet will do a play whose story he has already thought and he plays the same way, like Claudius killed his father, Now the play begins.

Now comes the scene where his father is killed. At that place, Claudius gets up and goes to his room. Hamlet’s suspicion changes. Claudius and his mother are convinced that Hamlet is not crazy. He is just pretending. Now that drama also ends. His mother points to meet him then Hamlet visits in her room.

On the way, he finds Claudius praying to him. But he does not kill him. Because he feels that if he is killed here he will get heaven, and he is not there instead.



The room in which He and his mother are talking. There the concierge is hidden behind the curtain. Who is listening to both of them. Now the talk of both ends, and from behind the concierge shouts for help. Which makes he think that there is Claudius and now he takes out the sword and kills him.

The Polonius(concierge) dies. Hearing this news, her daughter also dies because she is unable to bear the shock, now his brother comes to Claudius to find out who killed his father. Claudius tells the story he made. Which increases his anger, and he starts looking for Hamlet to kill him.

Hamlet also comes back to his palace, so now Claudius makes them fight. He poisons a sword which is to be given to Ophelia’s brother. The other sword is not poisoned, which is near Hamlet. The fight begins and He is wounded by a sword while fighting.

The sword of the two falls and turns into one. Now the poisoned sword is held by Hamlet. Whose blows wound Ophelia’s brother, now blood starts coming out of both of them. Which makes both of them understand that it was Claudius’s trick to kill them. Now that Hamlet realizes that he is about to die and he kills Claudius with the same sword.



  • Born- April 23, 1564
  • Birth Place- Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
  • Father’s Name- John Shakespeare(Maker of gloves and a trader in farm produce
  • Mother’s Name- Mary Arden( The daughter of a wealthy landowner from a neighboring village)
  • Wife’s Name – Ann Hathaway
  • Children’s Name – Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
  • Died – April 23, 1616
  • Read more: https://www.notablebiographies.com/Sc-St/Shakespeare-William.html#ixzz6EO6fbFol

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