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THE HELP book is written by Catherine Stockett. The story of the book is written from the perspective of three women.

  • Aibileen = A maid
  • Minny jackson = Aibileen’s friend
  • Eugenia Skeeter = main hero



Aibileen has a boy of his own who dies during an accident on his desk. So she works as a maid with the Lifolt family to support her and takes care of her childrens.

Minny Jackson

She is a friend of Aibileen. It has been removed from 19 such jobs. And she is still looking for a job. She often talks to her friend and tells her what she thinks about the employees.

Author:- Kathyn Stockett

Pages:- 524

Genre:- Fiction


The story begins when Skeeter completes his studies and arrives at his home. She wants to become a writer. But her mother wants her to get married and she feels that her studies are useless.

Before her college, Skeeter loved Constatine. But when she arrives at her house she wants to know about him. But the people of Surrey ignore this point. And refrain from answering him. But after a few days, Skeeter finds Constatine.


A few days later, the Felan family falls into trouble, when Constatine helps them. Then she learns how the maid is treated.

Now he comes and tells all the skates. Skeeter then decides that she will reveal the truth of those people who treat maid badly.

Eventually, he finds a way to bring out the truth. She wins the trust of Gabriel. And she helps him write articles in local news.



The newspaper editor is happy with his work and he is put to work at the same time. And Skeeter also accepts that job. And she takes the first step towards her author-making dream.

One day, the editor of a newspaper gives suggestions to him and he should write such stories which reach the people and make them emotional. Now she decides that she will write in detail about the maid who barely survives.


She wanted to bring the story of Eibileen to the society. And he finally wrote his stories so that people would know about him.

A few years later Skeeter researches the law. In which he has told what black people can also do, which they cannot do in Mississippi.


  • you is sort, you is sensible, you is vital.
  • It seems like at some point you had run out of awful.
  • Frying hen at all times makes me really feel a little bit higher about life.
  • Sorry is the fool whoever underestimates my mother.


Katherine Stockett is an American novelist who made her first debut with

THE HELP book.


  • I sit in my little office and i feel i have got all my readers staring at me.
  • I never take satisfaction in touching a nerve.
  • The first guide you write due to the best way it makes you are feeling. The second one you cannot help but wonder how it is going to make the reader feel.
  • It can be really powerful to write something when you are sad.